Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding

Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding is a cultural institution under the Town and Development Administration (By- og Udviklingsforvaltningen) of Kolding Municipality.

Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding is occupied with information, communication and cultural heritage. Here information about town conservation, structural heritage, culture history and the history of the Moravian Community is processed and communicated. Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding communicates the rich cultural heritage of the town in co-operation with local municipality institutions and associations and via co-operations on both national and international level.

The information centre of the town is also the centre, which welcomes visitors who are interested in cultural heritage as well as those who seek information of a more general character.

Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding has been founded as an information centre according to the partnership agreement, which was entered between the Moravian Community, the Municipality of Kolding and Realdania in 2009. Here, the agreement about phase three of the Christiansfeld Town Conservation Project "Christiansfeld – a living town" was made.

The background of Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding is to be found in the Christiansfeld Town Conservation Project, which opened up the possibility of establishing an information centre in 2003.

Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding has a co-operation with many partners at several levels.

Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding has a co-operation with NWHA (Nordic World Heritage Association), with the ViS Project (Verdensarv i Syddanmark (World Heritage in Southern Denmark) – The Jelling Monuments, The National Park of The Wadden Sea and Christiansfeld), the OWHC (Organization of World Heritage Cities) and is engaged in the World Heritage Co-operation within the Danish Kingdom.

In addition to that, Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding also has a co-operation with several municipality institutions and private foundations in order to share information and experiences.

Some examples of our co-operation partners are the following:




Others of our co-operation partners are the following:

  • Kolding Municipality
  • The Moravian Church in Christiansfeld
  • Christiansfeld Bybevaring
  • Other cultural institutions in Kolding Municipality
  • Christiansfeld Handelsstandsforening
  • Forum Christiansfeld
  • Klassisk Christiansfeld
  • Christiansfeld Lokalhistorisk Arkiv og Forening
  • Visit Kolding
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