Covid-19 Precautions

In the Christiansfeld Center, we follow the guidelines of the health authorities.

We follow the situation closely and, of course, continuously adapt the guidelines that are sent out. However, in order to make your visit to the Center as safe as possible, please take into account the following guidelines:

  • Wear a mouthpiece or visor when visiting the Christiansfeld Center
  • Pay attention, show consideration and keep your distance from other visitors and staff
  • Use the protective equipment we provide - there will be hand alcohol in the tourist information and the exhibition
  • There will be detailed signage in the Christiansfeld Center and the exhibition, but finally ask if you are in doubt about anything
  • Max. be 6 people in the tourist information at a time. (ex. staff)
  • Max. be 10 people in the exhibition at a time. (incl. staff)
  • We regularly take care of cleaning all rooms as well as electronics throughout the day.
  • There is only access for staff in the office corridor in Søstrehuset's west wing, unless you have an appointment
  • We hope for your understanding of the aggravated circumstances. We do everything we can to make your visit as safe as possible


Will tourist information in Søstrehuset be open?

Yes - the tourist information will be open during normal opening hours. We are ready to receive you and help with brochures and information about Christiansfeld and the Moravians. You can still buy souvenirs and materials at the tourist information.


Can I visit the Christiansfeld Center's exhibition and the Moravian's Museum?

Yes - both the Christiansfeld Center's exhibition on the ground floor and the Moravian's Museum in the rest of the Sisters' House, we must be open within the normal opening hours.

Remember to wear a face mask or visor as well as keep your distance and show consideration for other visitors and users of the house.


If you have questions - large or small - Christiansfeld Center can be contacted on tel. 7979 1773 or email to  


We look forward to seeing you in the UNESCO city.

Christiansfeld Centret
Christiansfeld Centret
Christiansfeld Centret
Christiansfeld Centret