Opening hours & Prices

Opening hours


2nd January – 30th April
Monday - Sunday 10-16

1st May – 31st August
Monday - Sunday 10-17

1st September – 23rd December 2019
Monday - Sunday 10-16

24th December – 1st January 2020
Closed (both days included)

For guided tours or events outside normal opening hours, please contact Christiansfeld Centret by phone: +45 7979 1773 or mail:



Christiansfeld Centret

Nørregade 14, 6070 Christiansfeld.

It is free of charge to visit Christiansfeld Centret and the exhibition rooms on the ground floor.


The Museum of the Moravian community

Nørregade 14, 6070 Christiansfeld

Adults: 40 DKK
Children: 10 DKK for children under the age of 18 years.

Tickets are available in the shop of Christiansfeld Centret.

When the entrance fee has been paid, you have access to the museum exhibitions of the Moravian community on the 1st and on the 2nd floor, the beautiful Choir Hall and the exhibition of Lundby doll’s houses in the basement.

Gift vouchers & webshop

If you would like to buy a gift voucher, please contact the shop of Christiansfeld Centret or send a mail message to

Visit our webshop, where you can buy books, posters and Herrnhut stars etc.

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