Practical information

Opening hours & prices

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Guided tours

All the year round, you have the opportunity to come for various guided tours in Christiansfeld and its surroundings.
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For tour operators and travel agents

Many tour operators and travel agencies visit Christiansfeld with their own guide. We encourage compliance with signage and directions for parking city buses. If in doubt, you are welcome to contact the Christiansfeld Centre.

We also encourage you to always inform the Christiansfeld Centre about your visit to the city.

Tourist busses

Every year a large number of tourist busses visit our town.
Please pay attention to the fact that there is no parking for busses in the historical town centre. Busses are referred to the large parking ground at Lindegade 53C (see the map).
We take good care of the World Heritage and in order to minimize wear on the historic town centre, we kindly ask busses to use routes that go all the way around the town and directly to the parking ground at Lindegade 53C (see the map).
Busses are allowed to drop off/pick up passengers at the Reunification Square (Genforeningspladsen) - opposite Kongensgade 25.

Take care of the World Heritage!

We encourage all visitors to take care of the World Heritage.

To reduce wear and tear on the city's surfaces and pavements, heavy traffic in the historic city center is prohibited. In addition, all visitors are encouraged to show respect and consideration for the local population, the city and planting.

Parking in Christiansfeld

If you arrive by car, bus or camper we recommend that you use the large public parking ground at Lindegade 53C.
The parking ground is located close to the town centre and there is a toilet building and tables with benches where you can enjoy your packed lunch.

Public transport

It is easy to come to Christiansfeld by means of public transport.
The UNESCO town is located in the middle of route 134 of Sydtrafik and there are bus stops several places in town, and route 900X has a bus stop at Omfartsvejen. 

From the larger neighbouring towns you find bus or train connections to most parts of the country. Have a look at the website and plan your transport to Christiansfeld. 

Find timetable for route 134 Kolding-Christiansfeld-Haderslev and route 900X Vejle-Kolding-Christiansfeld-Haderslev-Aabenraa-Sønderborg.

Accessibility for handicapped

All over Christiansfeld, there are differences in level and paving stones. However, it is possible to navigate through the town with a rollator, wheel chair or baby carriage without too much trouble.

Disabled, wheel chair users and baby carriages can access the Sisters’ House, Søstrehuset, via the entrance in the western house end. This entrance is equipped with a ramp and leads to an elevator that gives access to all floors in the house.
Press the white button to the left of the door. NOTE! The door opens outwards.

Toilets and changing table

There are public toilets in the town, e.g. in the old Engine House at the Church Square, at the large parking ground at Lindegade and at the bus station at the Reunification Square (Genforeningspladsen).

Futher more, you are welcome to use the toilets in the Sister's House (Søstrehuset) where there is a changing table on the disabled toilet on the ground floor.

Overnight accommodations

There are several nice accommodation options in Christiansfeld and the surrounding area. Visit the website of VisitKolding for further information. 

City walking brochure of Christiansfeld
Download the city walking brochure here.

Dining in Christiansfeld

Christiansfeld and the surrounding area offer many delicious eateries and of course we recommend combining your visit to the UNESCO city with a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee / tea and a honey cake.

    Dining in Christiansfeld

    In Christiansfeld and its surroundings, there are numerous exquisite restaurants and cafes so of course we recommend that you combine your visit to the UNESCO town with a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee/tea and a tasty honey cake.

    • Brødremenighedens Hotel
      Lindegade 25, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Tyrstrup Kro
      Tyrstrup Vestervej 6, 6070 Christiansfeld

    • Den Gamle Grænsekro
      Koldingvej 51, 6070 Christiansfeld

    • Barleys & Grapes
      Kirkegårds Alle 1, 6070 Christiansfeld

    • Det Gamle Apothek
      Lindegade 21, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Xocolatl
      Lindegade 36, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Tystrup Brød - Honningkagehuset
      Haderslevvej 21, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Pizza Steakhouse
      Lindegade 56, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Torvegrillen (på Prætorius Torv)
      Museumsgade 6, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Morgenstjernen - Helse & Café
      Jernbanegade 1, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Café Hyggehjørnet - Pizzaria & Restaurant
      Præstegaardsvej 1, 6070 Christiansfeld
    • Seggelund
      Seggelund Hovedvej 55, 6070

      Packed lunch

      You have the opportunity to enjoy packed lunch at several places in town. There are tables with benches at the Reunification Square (Genforeningspladsen), in the Comenius Garden (Comeniushaven) and at the large parking ground at Lindegade 53C.
      For larger groups there is a possibility of borrowing the canteen/dining rooms in the Sisters’ House (Søstrehuset).

      Please contact the Moravian Brethren for further information at email

      Christiansfeld Turistguide 2019

      Christiansfeld Tourist Guide

      Every year up to Easter, Christiansfeld Turist Gide is published full of good articles, information about the city and good offers. The guide is in Danish, German and English.

      Get a free copy in several places in Christiansfeld and the surrounding area as well as in the Museum Kolding | Christiansfeld - or read it online here:

      The Kolding Guide 2019

      The Kolding Guide

      Every year Visit Kolding publishes a guide filled with exciting reading material and good suggestions for everything you can experience in Kolding and the surrounding area.

      Get a free copy in several places in the Municipality as well as in the Museum Kolding | Christiansfeld - or read it online here: