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About Christiansfeld

Christiansfeld was founded in 1773 by the so-called Moravians who came partly from Herrnhut in Saxony in Germany and partly from other Moravian towns in Northern Europe. The town was named after the Danish King Christian VII, who gave his permission to the establishment of the Moravian settlement.

The town is special because it has been built according to the model, which the Moravians had gradually developed for the establishment of their towns. With the church in the centre and the most important houses as neighbouring houses – the choir houses: The Sisters’ house, the Brothers’ house, and the Widows’ house and the houses of the minister and the principal, respectively. School buildings, workshops and family houses were also components in the special Moravian community structure and town plan.

Today, Christiansfeld is a unique example of town planning with long, straight lines and impressive architecture.