Honey cakes & tiled stoves

Honningkager Christiansfeld UNESCO
Honey cakes. Photo: Xocolatl, Raisfoto

The famous honey cakes

For more than 200 years, the popular honey cakes have been produced in Christiansfeld and distributed to the whole country. That is why Christiansfeld is also famous as the Danish Honey cake town.

The cakes are mentioned for the first time in history in 1783, when the baker Christian Rasch established a bakery in Lindegade 21. It is said that production was quite low because of a lack of honey. A few years later, the wig maker Immanuel Martin Achtnicht came to Christiansfeld from the Moravian town of Neudietendorf. However, wigs were no longer fashionable, and therefore his business was not as good as expected. Achtnicht had some knowledge of the baker’s trade from his uncle, and his wife had an exquisite recipe on honey cakes that Achtnicht set in production.

After Rasch died, Achtnicht took over the bakery and soon sold honey cakes in all of Southern Jutland as well as Denmark as such. In 1797, he moved the bakery to Lindegade 36. In the meantime, the original bakery had closed.
Since 2011, Xocolatl has used the facilities at that very same address. Today Xocolatl and Tyrstrup Brød are producing honey cakes in Christiansfeld.

Many people have tried to copy the delicious cake recipe, and here in Christiansfeld there are also several opinions on the ultimate honey cake recipe. It can be hard to come to an agreement as to which cakes are truly the best. Therefore, it is best to take some time to visit the different shops and taste the different cakes while visiting Christiansfeld – you can hardly say you were here without having tasted a honey cake!

Honey cakes are sold in the following shops:
Xocolatl - Brødremenighedens Honningkagebageri 
(The Moravian Honey Cake Bakery)
Lindegade 36

Tyrstrup Brød - Honningkagehuset
Haderslevvej 21

Donslund Vine
Prætoriustorvet 1B

Meny Christiansfeld
Lindegade 33
Kakkelovn på Brødremenighedens Hotel. Foto: Eva Kristensen
Tiled stove. Photo: Eva Kristensen

Tiled stoves from Christiansfeld

Since the establishment of Christiansfeld in 1773, craftsmanship was given pride of place in the Moravian town, because the Moravians had special talents within crafts and trade that have left their marks on the town up until our time.

Abraham Goll from the Moravian town of Neuwied am Rhein was the first stove builder who started producing the famous tiled stoves in Christiansfeld. In 1781, he built a house for his family in Lindegade 44. This house is a good example of a typical artisan’s house from that time and today it is one of the few houses in town that are preserved in their entirety with both front house and workshop.

In 1960, Karl Waldemar Schmidt took over the business including stocks. He was the 7th generation of an old Moravian family in Christiansfeld. Today his grandson Hans Dines Schmidt is carrying on the business. Hans has served his apprenticeship as a potter and a stove builder in the Czech Republic, and he is proud to continue the traditional stove builder’s trade.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to visit the shop after having made a prior appointment, but in the Sisters’ House (Søstrehuset), Nørregade 14, there are several models of the original Felder tiled stove, which you are welcome to see.

Christiansfelder Kakkelovne
Lindegade 44
6070 Christiansfeld
Tlf. 7456 1672

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