The Brothers’ House

The Brothers’ House. Photo: Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding

The Brothers’ House, Lindegade 34, was erected in 1774 as a significant two-floor building with a symmetrical house front and a very simple decoration. The Brothers’ House was the first choir house, which was built in Christiansfeld. It was inaugurated in 1774. In 1877, the erection of the so-called Great Brothers’ House began.

Everyday life in the Brothers’ House

The Brothers’ House was the frame and foundation for the life of the unmarried brothers from the time after their confirmation and until they would marry, in case they chose to do so. The Brothers’ House also included many workshops and small factories, such as tannery, carpentry and bakery. Both local and recently arrived brothers had the possibility of starting a business within the frames of the community. If sales increased and facilitated an expansion of the business, it would naturally move out of the Brothers’ House and establish large-scale production facilities in a separate workshop or factory building. Nowadays, the Brothers’ House contains ordinary flats.

Courtyard behind the Brothers’ House. Photo: Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding

The architecture of the Brothers’ House

The Brothers’ House consists of two houses, which have been built together: the Small and the Great Brothers’ House. After a fire in 1986, the house was reconstructed. The entire building complex comprises a two-floor extension towards the west and minor one-storied back buildings towards the south and the east. All buildings have been erected in yellow Flensburg bricks except for the long back building towards the south, which has been erected in red tile bricks. The side building served as carpentry workshop and bakery. The long back building towards the south contained workshops and the back building towards the east used to be a stable. Just like the Sisters’ House, the Brothers’ House also has an inner courtyard with a well. Due to the low back and side buildings towards two sides, it is very pleasant to spend time in this courtyard, which is in close connection with the ground floor of the buildings. The courtyard is paved with paving stones and in the centre, there is a green area with grass and trees. Behind the back buildings towards the south, the remains of the original garden are situated.

Courtyard behind the Brothers’ House. Photo: Eva Kristensen

The Brothers’ House today

Today, the Brothers’ House contains private flats and thus visitors have no access to the house itself, but are welcome to stop by in the courtyard behind the Brothers’ House.

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