The Church Square – the centre of the town

The Church Square . Photo: Tegnestuen Mejeriet

The heart and the centre of the town.

The Church Square is the heart and the centre of the town. From this starting point, the Brothers started measuring Christiansfeld and the houses, gardens and streets.
Around this square, the most important buildings of the town are located. The church towards the west and the Sisters’ House towards the north, the minister’s house and the house of Prætorius towards the south, and finally the original engine house next to the first house of the town towards the east.

The Church Square is laid out with grass and linden trees – and in 2015, three magnolia trees were planted. Intersecting graveled pathways meet at the well in the middle of the square. The water of the well can be interpreted symbolically as the living water, i.e. Jesus, which is sent out to all the four corners of the world. The well also served the practical purpose of procuring water to the households and workshops of the town. From the very beginning, the inhabitants of Christiansfeld were aware of the importance of cleanliness in order to live a healthy life and maintain good health. However, the town did not escape visits of epidemic diseases from time to time, smallpox being the most feared of them all. Already in 1793 an initiative was taken to lead water from a spring in the nearby wood of Kohaven about 3 km northwest of the town to the well at the Church Square. The water was led through pipelines made of hollowed oak logs and was distributed from the Church Square to the cisterns of that time. In addition to this water supply, every single building had its own well.

A little more than 100 years later in 1899, iron pipes replaced the wooden pipelines from the spring to the town and all buildings were connected to the water mains.

Kirkepladsen i Christiansfeld - Drone - TV Syd (2017)
The Church Square. Artist: A.S. Arndt.
The Church Square. Photo: Eva Kristensen
The well. Photo: Eva Kristensen

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