The Comenius garden - a demonstration garden

The Comenius garden. Photo: Eva Kristensen

Town of the green gardens

Christiansfeld is also known as the "town of the green gardens".

Previously there were gardens for all houses. Some were very large and others were smaller. The gardens were intended for everyday use with a kitchen garden for growing herbs and vegetables and an ornamental garden with decorative ornamental plants, which could be enjoyed in peace and quiet.

In 2015, the Comenius garden was laid out as a public demonstration garden, where people may stay for picnics or recreation and get information about the original gardens. This garden demonstrates the typical structure and use of a garden with a width of 40 Hamburg Alen (a measure of length corresponding to 57.3 cm).

The Comenius garden has been named after Johann Comenius, who was an innovative educationalist, teacher and bishop in the original Church of Brothers in Bohemia and Moravia in the 17th century.

Town of the green gardens

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